10 Wedding Planning Tips We Learned from Watching the Office


Is it possible to be obsessed with a show that no longer airs new episodes? If so, I'm definitely guilty of being obsessed with the Office (the US version, to be clear). It's just relatable on so many levels...including wedding planning! Below are 10 things we learned about wedding planning from watching it all play out at Dunder Mifflin Scranton:

Tip #1

Resist the urge to copy your friend’s wedding EXACTLY

If you’ve got a friend with great taste, by all means, repurpose a few of their best ideas for your wedding...they will likely be super flattered! Just try not to make it an exact replica with the same invitations, flowers, and even wedding dress...come on, Phyllis, you’re better than that.

Phyllis... ended up using the exact same invitations as Roy and me. So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding. And I was like ‘Wait, thought I called that off’.
— Season 3, Episode 15
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Tip #2

Stick to your budget

As you plan your wedding, make sure to keep an eye on your spending. As Oscar explains to Michael, there are three categories of spending: necessities, non-essentials, and things no one ever needs (“like multiple magic sets and professional bass fishing equipment”). Be sure not to spend all of your budget on extravagant non-essentials before you’ve got the necessities taken care of. As Michael learned, you can’t just declare bankruptcy and expect all of your problems to go away.

Tip #3

Hire a day-of coordinator to be the contact person so people don’t bother you with questions

You laugh now, but you will be shocked by the number of questions people ask the bride the day of the wedding. This is why it’s always a good idea to have a point person that you can direct all of your vendors, and even friends and family, to with questions!

Pam: Do you think that you could send in your RSVP card?

Meredith: Nah, I’ll just tell you now, easier.

Pam: Well, you have to choose a food option and there’s information in there about directions and lodging...

Meredith: I’ll just have whatever’s fanciest, unless there’s ribs. I’ll just get the other information the day of, I’ll text you.

Pam: You are going to text me, the morning of my wedding to ask for directions, and you will eat whatever is fanciest?

Meredith: Yep. Unless there’s ribs.
— Season 6, Episode 2
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Tip #4

Maybe don’t let the groom have scissors...or do, this was pretty cute

If you haven’t seen this episode, Pam’s veil gets caught and rips so Jim decides to cut his tie so they both look a mess. Am I the only one thinking maybe Pam could’ve just not worn her veil?! At least they have a super adorable story to tell their kids when they ask why half of their dad’s tie is missing in all of the wedding photos.

Tip #5

Don’t make non-refundable deposits without checking with your fiancé

When a venue says a deposit is non-refundable, they aren’t messing around. So maybe make sure everyone is on board before you put down the funds to secure that hot-air balloon in Napa Valley...

Andy: Since my little lady has such particular, impossible to perceive taste, I have made nonrefundable deposits at four totally different wedding locales:

Hot-air balloons over Napa Valley,
World-famous Walt Disney’s Epcot Center,
Scuba-diving wedding in the Bahamas,
and the Wilkes-Barre Marriott Ballroom C.
Angela: Dangerous. Tacky. Sharks. Haunted. No.
— Season 5, Episode 1
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Tip #6

Don’t forget your day job

Throughout the nine seasons of the office, there were multiple engagements (Pam and Angela each had two), so we got to see our fair share of wedding planning at the office. Dropping your actual job responsibilities to spend your days at the office planning your wedding is not as realistic as they led us to believe. We’ve all heard the old adage that you should “leave work at work”, well you should probably also leave wedding planning at home.

Tip #7

Expect shenanigans

Not everything will go according to plan, so when something unexpected happens, roll with it! Even if you put a song on your “Do Not Play List”, your wedding party may still find a way to dance down the aisle to it. The unplanned moments have a way of being your favorite memories.

Tip #8

Nothing gets a party started like some good music

In Season 5, Episode 27, Michael taught us a very important lesson. You’ve got to play the right music to get people dancing. If you want to get all of your guests involved, you can’t just make up a playlist of you and your fiancé’s favorite songs, or new hits that no one knows. Cliché wedding music is cliché because bands and dj’s know there are certain songs that get people out on the floor, so don’t be afraid to give them the freedom to play to the crowd!

Tip #9

Sometimes it takes a committee to plan a good party

There were some pretty awesome parties at Dunder Mifflin, but the best ones were the result of the input of multiple people. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions or accept help! Chances are you are surrounded by a dream team of friends and family just waiting to be assembled.

Tip #10

Keep things in perspective

At the end of the day, there is much more to life (and marriage) than planning the perfect wedding. When it starts to feel hard, just remember how amazing it is that you found someone to spend the rest of your life with and get to celebrate with your family and friends!