Behind the Suite: Earthy Monogram

The other day I received an email from a potential client referencing a suite of mine she saw on Martha Stewart what?! I immediately went to the Google to find out which of my invitation designs had been featured and was so excited to find this Earthy Monogram suite tucked in a gallery of deckle-edge creations.

That’s the funny thing about being an entrepreneur, sometimes you feel like you are just putting things out into the world, and no one but your family is even reading your blog posts or paying attention to the work you are doing. Until something like this happens! As much as I wish it weren’t true, this tiny moments of validation mean so much to me. Regardless of the size of the publication, when someone else shares your work, it’s like a virtual high five reminding you that you aren’t just working away in your yoga pants for no reason.

I love this suite because the deckle-edges add a unique, romantic style that isn’t as hard to replicate as you’d think! Below are the materials I used and a few tips to help you recreate the look for your DIY wedding invitations:

Materials Used

Tips for DIY Invites

  1. Using a paper with a little bit of texture gives your invite a professional feel, and camouflages the fact that they were printed at home!

  2. For a softer torn edge, use a bit of water on a paintbrush to wet the paper before tearing.

  3. Add your wedding logo to the back of the rsvp envelope for a little extra personalization. Since they will be pre-addressed to return to you, there’s no need to include a return address!


Ready to DIY this suite?

Check out our shop for a semi-custom version of this suite, which includes the main invitation, RSVP card, details card, and custom wedding logo files! If you are interested in further personalization, visit our services page to read more about branded wedding design.