Choose Something to Skip

If I could give you one piece of wedding advice at the beginning of your engagement it would be this:

Choose one thing from the mountain of tasks on your wedding planning todo list to completely skip.


Now that may seem a little odd this early in the process, but hear me out. Before you know it, you are going to be overwhelmed with all the details that go into planning a wedding that you’ll start to feel like you’ve lost control and wedding planning is happening to you.

This simple act of saying “no” from the very beginning will help you to look at that todo list of things you have the choice to do, not anything you are obligated to do. Wedding planning is supposed to be fun! We’re going to keep it that way by avoiding feeling like we are required to do everything a checklist, Pinterest, or even our friends and family say we have to.  

If the idea of skipping something makes you uncomfortable, tell yourself you are just putting it on the back burner. If you get towards the end of the wedding planning process and you have extra time (you must be a magician), you can take care of it then! If not, you won’t feel guilt or pressure about having to do it.

A few examples…

From the very beginning, we took favors off the list. I knew that it was one of those things that was going to take time and energy toward the end of the wedding planning process, so I eliminated that todo from day one to give myself permission to focus on other areas.

When I think about what I personally remember from being a guest at a wedding, it’s the food, entertainment, and stationery (that last one may be a professional bias). Favors don’t much of an impression on me, so I decided to skip them.

If you are sitting there remembering all of the favors you’ve received from weddings and how much you loved them, this is not the thing you should skip! If tying personalized tags to tiny succulents is worth the time and energy for you, by all means, do that. I’m sure your guests will appreciate the gesture - after all, mini succulents are adorable.

Maybe the thing you want to skip is having assigned tables. After hearing about the time and stress involved in creating a seating chart for our wedding, a friend of mine decided to skip that particular wedding task and opted for open seating at long rectangular tables.

When asked, she will tell you it was one of the best wedding decisions she ever table numbers, no place cards or seating assignment boards, and most importantly no hours spent trying to sort her guests evenly into groups of 8 to 10.

Your turn!

The thing you skip can be small like favors or seating assignments, or big like having a videographer, or even a wedding party. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to skip something and write it at the bottom of your wedding planning checklist or somewhere in your planner.

Comment below with the one area of wedding planning where you are going to choose to let yourself off the hook!