How to Prioritize Quality Time While Wedding Planning

More important than finding a great venue, choosing the right vendors, planning the perfect ceremony, is intentionally preparing for marriage with your future spouse! Below are three tips to help you prioritize quality time with your significant other, even during the busy seasons:

Set Expectations

Make sure your marriage gets the time it deserves by planning regular quality time and routines that help you grow closer together every day!

Talk about what a day in the life of your marriage will look like. What things will you do together each day, week, or month, and how you will continue to love each other well when the excitement (and/or stress) of wedding planning is no longer part of your lives. Will you have coffee together every morning? Will you eat dinner at the table together most nights, or exercise together before heading off to work? Will you take turns making a plan for date night, or decide on the restaurant or activity together? Is it important to you to go to bed at the same time every night, or is one of you a night owl and the other a morning person?

While it may seem a bit much to make a plan for how you’ll love each other well, as one of my favorite habits authors, Gretchen Rubin, puts it “What can happen any time often happens no time”.

Schedule a Weekly Date Night

On that note, one of the best tips I can give you is to schedule a weekly date night, and treat that time as sacred. Get dressed up, put your phone away, and give your spouse your full attention. I work from home so date nights are sometimes the only time of the week I put makeup on and fix my hair. Not that I need to do things things to be loved by Jake, but it’s a very real representation that I’m excited about our date and willing to put a little extra effort in.

Now just because you’re all dressed up doesn’t mean you’ve got to go anywhere or spend any money. I know you’re planning a wedding, so spending money is probably a little scarce right now. That just means you have the opportunity to get a little creative with your date nights!

One of our favorite date nights cost $0 dollars. It was Jake’s turn to plan, so he gets all of the credit for this one. He found a free Romantic Comedy Bingo template to print out online, and we cued up Netflix with an especially cheesy rom-com, made some popcorn, and had so much fun watching for all of the cliché situations in our bingo squares to take place.

Always Be Learning

Whether your officiant has a premarital program for you to participate in or you simply choose a marriage course or book to work through together with your fiancé, be sure to carve out some time during this hectic season to prepare your relationship for all of the curveballs that marriage (and life) will throw at it.

We’re five years in and always up for reading new marriage books or listening to podcasts. We’re big fans of personal development, and strive to always be growing in the different areas of our lives, especially our marriage!