Get Ready for National Wine Day with this Free Printable for a Wine Tasting Date at Home!


Guess what? This Saturday is National Wine Day! I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we already have that once this year? No worries friend, that was National Drink Wine Day back in February. The powers-that-be who create these goofy National Day celebrations must have decided that wine is too wonderful to only be celebrated once a year.

In honor of this particular festive day, I’ve created a free download for you to have your very own at-home wine tasting! Here’s what you do…

Step 1

Drive to your local grocery store (I’m a big fan of the budget-friendly wine selection at Trader Joe’s), and grab at least 3 bottles of wine.

You can choose your wines solely on how pretty the label judgment here, that’s my favorite method of wine selection! OR, get a little more high-tech with it and use an app like Vivino to scan the bottles and see which ones have the highest ratings. You may get a few weird looks as you take photos of all the bottles on the shelf, but you can discover some really great wines at surprisingly low prices this way.


Step 2

While you’re there, go ahead and grab some cheese and chocolate for “pairing”...because you’re fancy like that. Extra points if you get little oyster crackers for “cleansing your palate” between tastes!

Step 3

Finally, print out the free placemat and scoring card so you can rank your wines and take notes on what you like and don’t like about each one. If your significant other wasn’t at the store with you, don’t tell them what you spent on each bottle! It’s always fun to see what they think the most expensive bottle is based on taste alone.

Let me know if you plan to try this date night at home in the comments below, and what some of your favorite wines are!


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