Setting Wedding Planning Goals to Keep You on Track


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the tasks and details involved in wedding planning, I haven’t met a bride yet who hasn’t felt the stress at some point! Do your future self a favor and take control of the process at the beginning of your engagement by setting wedding planning goals and scheduling them out over the next several months. Track your goals to make sure you don’t fall behind, and celebrate the little wins as you make progress on some of the larger items on your list!


Oh how I wish that I had known about Powersheets when I was wedding would’ve made my life so much easier! I’ve always been a pretty organized person, but the tools and processes I had in place at the time did not allow me to track goals from multiple areas of my life all in one place. Now I’m all about the color-coding (Pilot G2 pens are my jam), and assign a color to every “category” of my life, whether it be work, marriage, health, finances, etc. I would’ve most definitely had a wedding planning color for my Powersheets to set these tasks apart and put my mind at ease that I was making progress amidst all of my other goals!

Whether you use Powersheets, a planner, an online calendar, or even just an organized pile of sticky notes, find a goal setting system that works for you! Below are a few ideas for monthly and weekly goals you can set during the wedding planning process. For all of you lucky bride-to-be’s that have already discovered the magic of Powersheets, these ideas are great for the monthly and weekly sections of your Tending list :)


Whether you are using an app or a printed checklist, a lot of the tasks aren’t something that can be simply “checked off” which is why the progress bars on Powersheets are a great way for you to feel accomplished while still acknowledging there is work to be done. Examples of monthly goals include:

  • Research and book a venue

  • Finalize guest list

  • Choose wedding party attire

  • Set up a wedding website

  • Research (and/or book) vendors

  • Propose to bridesmaids

  • Choose wedding party attire

  • Order save the dates

  • Assemble and mail invitations

  • Register for gifts

  • Get marriage license

  • Make a seating chart

  • Finalize order of ceremony and day of timeline


Ideas of weekly goals include...

Check in with the wedding budget
This is especially important in the last few months of your engagement to be sure all of your vendors are being paid on time and you aren’t overspending on those last minute details!

Have a personal care hour
Put on a face mask, paint your nails, tweeze your eyebrows...take one hour out of your week to do all of the little things that make you look and feel your best! While it may seem silly, these small self care tasks can ease stress and boost your confidence when you are more often at the center of attention than you are used to.

Go on a date with your fiance and do NOT talk wedding plans!
While this may seem like the opposite of a wedding planning task, the most important part of wedding planning is preparing for your marriage so it’s important to continue to invest in your relationship along the way :)

Now that you've made the first step towards organized wedding planning by setting some goals for yourself, how will you celebrate your progress? Tell us in the comments below!

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