Should you print your invitations at home? A flowchart

In my years as a stationery vendor, I experimented with half a dozen home printers and worked with several companies to source the printing of the wedding, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner invitations I designed.

You might be surprised to hear that I outsourced the printing of probably 90% of all of my projects to make sure the final product met my standards. There were only a few rare occasions where the quantity and paper thickness needed for a given project were both low enough that my home printer was up to the task. The majority of the time, I worked with a local print shop or online vendor to produce the final product!

Time was also a major factor. Since most of my orders were quite large, I didn’t have the time to print and trim hundreds of invitations while working on several projects at a time! Good news for you, is that you probably only have one set of invitations to produce right now. So depending on your home printer and expectations for the final result, you may have everything you need to get these done yourself! Before diving in, use this flow chart below to make sure.