Simple Date Night Ideas for Under $20

Planning a wedding can be very time-consuming, and also very expensive! Rather than hitting pause on date nights with your soon-to-be spouse until after the wedding, consider keeping your routine of spending time together going strong with some cheaper alternatives to dinner and a movie. Below are 5 date night ideas that you can do for under $20 each!


Date #1

Game Night

We’ve gotten really into board games lately and have assembled quite the collection! Game night has become one of our go-to date nights, so we are constantly on the search for good two player games. A few of our favorite two player games for under $20 are Codenames DuetSmartish, and Castles of Burgundy.*
*we have the full game, which is a little over $30 but I’ve heard great things about this version!


Date #2

Rom Com Movie Bingo

Jake gets all the credit for this idea. We take turns planning our Friday date nights and on one of his latest turns, he brought home a Redbox movie and these bingo cards he printed out online. Even with the popcorn and candy he bought, we were well under $10 with this one!


Date #3

Make Your Own Pizza

One of our favorite Friday night dinners is naan pizza, we get these mini Stonefire naan breads from Costco that are perfect for a personal pizza. You can experiment with all sorts of toppings, some of our favorites are goat cheese and prosciutto, sausage and pepperoni, and bbq chicken and mozzarella!


Date #4


I saw this on Pinterest years ago, and writing this blog post gave me a reason to try it! We did a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue, and in addition to the bread and fruit I bought for the occasion, we experimented with other things we found in the fridge and pantry...some were great, some not so much!


Date #5

Wine Tasting

A lot of local tasting rooms offer a sample of 3-5 wines for between $5 and $10 each. Better yet, grab three bottles from Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store at different price ranges and do a blind taste test to see if you can tell the difference between the $2 bottle and the $12 bottle!

Even though we are out of the wedding planning stage, we are always game for a simple and cheap date night. We typically do one “date night out” a month, and keep the other three free or low cost so that our budget stays under control but our relationship is still full of fun and quality time! What are some of your favorite date night ideas?

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