Staying Organized While Wedding Planning


I’ve always considered myself a pretty organized person...until about halfway through our engagement. That was when I discovered that bride brain is a real thing. Y’all...if you’re currently engaged and haven’t yet had a major #bridebrain moment, just wait, it’s coming. You’ll start to forget all the things: wedding planning details, life details, your keys, your phone, that thing your mom asked you to ask your wedding photographer about, you name it...if it’s not attached to you or written down, it’s at risk of being forgotten or left at a Starbucks.

Here are my top 4 tips for keeping everything straight when that moment hits:

Tip #1

Write everything down

As a big fan of paper planners, sticky notes, and organized binders, I’ve learned the power of writing everything down. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t happen. At the very least, grab a small cheap notebook from Target to carry with you to all of your meetings, consultations, and venue tours and scribble down as many notes as possible. Even if it seems like something that you’ll remember or is probably on their website, make a note of it just in case! In the event that conversations start to blur together, you’ll be glad you’ve got a written record of all the details.  

Tip #2

Keep everything in one place

Whether it’s a binder, a notebook, or a folder on your computer, be sure to keep everything wedding related all in one place! I love any excuse to go school supply shopping, so I’m a big fan of the idea of keeping contracts, notes, timelines, color swatches, and inspiration photos neatly in a binder organized with tabs. If that seems a little overkill to you, you can probably get by with a simple spiral notebook. You can use paper clips or a stapler to attach loose brochures and color swatches to the pages so they don’t get lost.

Tip #3

Utilize color coding and tools

If you’ve already got a planner or organizational system that you use to track your work and life todos, color coding is a great way to integrate your wedding planning tasks into your established system without rocking the boat! You can use a special highlighter or colored pen to differentiate your wedding planning tasks from everything else you’ve got going on. If you don’t currently have a system for organizing your workflow, now is the perfect time to research some options. At the time of this post, one of my favorite tools for organizing goals and todos, Powersheets, is on sale for only $29! If paper planners aren’t your thing, see if that project management software you use at work has a free version. Learning to keep your personal and wedding planning tasks organized will be much easier in a system you are already familiar with!   

Tip #4


Don’t be afraid to over communicate with your vendors during the wedding planning process. Even if you think they’ve got a handle on some detail, it never hurts to double check! They know you’ve got a lot of details to keep track of, so most vendors will be understanding and appreciate the clarity. Ask lots of questions and follow up all phone conversations with emails to be sure you stay on the same page and can reference your discussions later on.

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