5 Tips to Stay Sane While Planning Your Wedding


When you picture the wedding planning process, does it look like relaxing with a mimosa while you fantasize your dream wedding, or driving yourself crazy stressing out over a pile of checklists? Most married people will tell you the reality usually involves a little bit of both.

It’s typically a few parts indulgence, a heavy pour of organization, maybe a dash of overwhelm, and hopefully a lot of parts fun!

I can honestly say that I had a great time planning my wedding, thanks to some fabulous advice I received, and very helpful and supportive friends and family. So to help pay that forward, I want to share some of the things I learned along the way to help make your wedding planning process fun too.

Whether you’re newly engaged or in the homestretch of the planning process, here are 5 tips to keep you sane along the way!

Tip #1

Start Early on the Big Stuff

I cannot emphasize this enough! There are certain planning aspects you that need to get locked down first (date, and therefore venue), and it’s also good to map out what’s important to you and get those items finalized so you know they’re taken care of. This allows you to get in some early wins, feel like "yes, this is really happening!", and gives you some space for tip number two.

My husband and I had two venues in mind and two of our lovely friends happened to be getting married at one of them, so we planned a tour of our other choice for the same day as their wedding so that it was sort of a side-by-side comparison. Shout out to happy coincidences!

Our venue of choice only had a few dates available (places book quick people!) so we selected an early December date and got moving with our custom save the dates since we were getting married in the holiday season and wanted to give people plenty of time to plan. From there, we moved onto our top priorities: choosing a caterer and selecting a photographer (photographers also book very quickly!).

Tip #2

Take Breaks

According to The Knot, the average length of an engagement is 14.5 months. However, that doesn’t have to mean planning your wedding for 14.5 months straight! Because, let’s be real, wedding planning is fun but you still have a life to live.

After you nail down some early logistics, you can take some time to kick back and enjoy being engaged. Plan date nights with your fiancé and soak up this time because it truly is one of the most fun and exciting periods of your life!

From there you can map out your next phases, as well as plan breaks, so that you don’t get wedding planning fatigue (which, for me at least, was a real thing). There are lots of online checklists and wedding planning guides that can help you create your list of to dos and schedule your phases.

Tip #3

Celebrate the Wins

As I have shared on the Felderhoff and Co blog before, I’m a planner at heart (checklists, planners, and timelines are my jam), so this was right up my alley. If planning and logistics don’t make your heart sing though, this is even more important.

Planning your wedding is a big project and you deserve a pat on the back, or maybe even a cocktail or two, to celebrate your accomplishments! Found the perfect dress? Celebrate! Poured through pages of flower photos and finally selected your florals? That’s a win!

Remember, this is a season for celebrations, so treat yourself!

Tip #4

Build a Community

This was a big one for me because I didn’t have a whole Pinterest board of wedding ideas at the ready, and I’m also terribly indecisive. I’m definitely the type of person who falls down the research rabbit hole, reading every review and making excessively long pros and cons lists.

It was super helpful to have people in my corner to bounce ideas off of and to bring me back to reality when I was lost in a sea of choices. The owner of this lovely site and my maid of honor, Dana, was my wedding planning partner in crime, along with my saint of a mother, the rest of my bridal party, and of course my husband.

Besides rooting for you, this community is also perfect for helping you celebrate along the way. It was great to have people to gush over all of the cute and fun details with.

Tip #5

Remember What the Big Day is All About

If you take away one thing from this post, I hope it’s this. Planning your wedding and celebrating the love you share with your fiancé is truly one of the most magical times of your life!

Sure, there are lots of details to work out, but at the end of the day, you’re getting married and you get to share in that joy with all of your favorite people. So if you find yourself overwhelmed or worn out, remember what this is all for, because getting married is pretty awesome :)


Written by Jordyn Bean

Jordyn Bean is a content marketer living in Morgantown, WV with her husband, Drew, and their adorable dog, Sugar.