Summer Date Night Bucket List


Anyone else feel like once you graduated college the word “summer” started to lose it’s meaning? From the time we were kids until we finished school, summer was this awesome 3-month break full of relaxation and carefree fun, and now it seems like it’s just business as usual...but with higher temperatures.

Refusing to accept the idea that the concept of summer is gone forever, Jake and I decided to create a bucket list full of fun summertime activities to fill our weekly date nights over the next few months. By filling our weekends with mini adventures, we’re hoping we can create a memorable “Summer of 2019” even if we can’t take a 3-month vacation from our day to day! Here’s what’s on our list:

2019 Summer Date Night Bucket List

  1. Go to the Farmers Market

  2. Drive-in Movie

  3. Backyard Brunch

  4. Go for Ice Cream

  5. Patio Happy Hour

  6. Visit a Local Brewery or Winery

  7. Take Two-Step Lessons

  8. Stargazing

  9. Plant an Herb Garden

  10. Try a New Recipe

Stay tuned as we attempt to check off all of the things on our list before September, and consider creating your own date night bucket list using the free printable below!


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